AppSource “Ready to Go” Program

Stratos Cloud Alliance has an exclusive program in place for partners with ISV solutions for on-premise business applications.  Recognized as a Microsoft ISV Development Center, our Stratos Cloud Alliance partner development team brings fresh and innovative thinking to support ISVs in realizing value faster when creating solutions and applications that extend functionality to meet customer requirements.

Whether your solution sits on top of Dynamics, connects with Dynamics, or provides customization and integration for a customer’s environment, the “Ready to Go” program is designed to quickly get your solution ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft AppSource.

Is the Ready to Go program for you?

  • Partners upgrading ISV solutions from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise to D365 Business Central
  • Partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions who want to get published or republished on AppSource
  • Partners seeking Consulting or Development support in building a solution for Dynamics 365


The Program provides:

  • Commercial, Product and/or Marketing consulting services for AppSource
  • Technical Architecture consulting services to plan out extensions and modernize on the new platforms
  • Development, Integration and/or Quality Assurance resources to accelerate and reduce your time to market
  • Azure DevOps support for Product Development, Release Management, CICD and Automated Testing

Three program tiers to choose from:

Tier 1 – $12,500

  • 10 Consulting Days or
  • 20 Development Days

Tier 2 – $25,000

  • 20 Consulting Days or
  • 40 Development Days

Tier 3 – $37,500

  • 30 Consulting Days or
  • 60 Development Days

Expert Microsoft AppSource Advice

The requirements for app approval to be listed on AppSource are significant. Whether your offer is an end-to-end industry solution or a horizontal add-on, it can be daunting to prepare it for AppSource. Not only is it much more rigorous than the old “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” designation, in today’s SaaS world, the validation process is ongoing as apps must be updated for regular service updates and feature releases.

We were a launch partner for one of the largest IP code bases of any publisher on Microsoft AppSource for Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Today our solution is one of the largest vertical solutions available.  Our team has provided Microsoft partners with expert Consulting and Development services, accelerating their time to market. We understand that each solution has distinct needs, and we will discuss with you the most efficient and effective approach.

“We were going to have to gain certifications and find and hire a very expensive set of resources to accomplish the integration. We found there is no other development organization with more understanding of the D365 product and integration components than Velosio.”

Bill Knapp

Pacejet CEO


Want to get a taste of the Ready to Go program or just need some help wrapping up your current project? Try one of our mini courses that is hours instead of days:

  • Leve 1 – $1,650 – 10 hours
  • Level 2 – $3,300 – 20 hours

The goal of these mini courses is to provide an understanding of the basic objects in the Business Central development environment like Tables, Pages, Codeunits, Table and Page Extensions. You will be able to make changes to Business Central as per requirements using Event Based Architecture. Or, you can use the time to consult with experts on further development needs for AppSource readiness.